Missing Miss Caroline At Halloween

Before moving to Georgia, my husband and I lived in Northern Virginia for five years. Living in New York was exciting, but I quickly discovered my age and height weren’t exactly desirable traits to casting agents. Moving was inevitable. But where to go? Michael had spent many summers as a kid in Fairfax County, Virginia so we thought we’d give that a shot. Safe neighborhoods, access to DC… what could go wrong? We settled into an apartment in Old Town Alexandria, thinking we’d be there just a few months before buying a home.

Little did we know that the great NVA housing boom of the late 90s was about to hit its stride. Teeny, tiny townhouses built in the 70s (that cost more than the colonial we live in now), houses we didn’t even really want, were suddenly out of our reach. We spent endless weekends getting our hopes crushed, being outbid on homes that were run down and required long commutes. Our time living in the apartment grew longer and longer. Continue reading

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Check Out My Reviews at Disney Food Blog!

Me & Daisy

Me & Daisy!

Hey y’all! I haven’t posted in a bit because I’ve been writing reviews of our dining experiences at Walt Disney World. Check them out!

Be Our Guest


Whispering Canyon Cafe


Tony’s Town Square Restaurant


‘Ohana Character Breakfast




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Tales of a Working Mother Part 1: Sunday Dinner with Ashley Dale

Ashley.Chickie.ParmAshley Dale and I worked together a job or two ago. We met at my interview. I believe the circumstances were she had been promoted, and I was interviewing for her old job. I liked her immediately. Women who make it in the construction industry have a certain toughness and no bullshit-ness about them that resonates with me. Ashley has it, and is also funny and smart. She’s the whole package. Continue reading

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A Christmas Memory of Our Own

CookiesAs a young adult, before I married and had a child, before I moved to the South, I read Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory. If you haven’t had a chance to read this short story, may I suggest you check it out this year. http://capoteweb.com/a-christmas-memory/. Continue reading

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Magic Matt: Husband, Father, Fishmonger Extraordinaire

FamilyButchers and fishmongers fascinate me. Because my butchering skills are mediocre at best, seeing someone dissect a piece of meat or fish into neat little cuts is like watching someone walk on water. They can skin something or cut its head off without batting an eye, while I find myself apologizing to whatever I’m cutting, even though it’s long past dead. Plus they all seem to like what they do. I’ve never met a butcher or fishmonger that didn’t enjoy their work and take pride in their products.

Matt Kirkpatrick is one of those people. Continue reading

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Saying So Long to Summer with a Little Gnocchi & Clams

Gnocci.CuttingAh summer… How I love it so… Someone asked me recently how my summer was going, and if I were to answer literally, I would have to say, “Not any different than the rest of the year.” I work full time, so I still get up at the same time every day, go to the gym, go to the office, come home, make dinner. My routine is the same, but it’s SUMMER! Warmer weather, longer days… And it’s Super Bowl Sunday every day, food wise. Everything’s in season, ripe, juicy and delicious. It’s heaven. Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: My Amazing Sister, Jennifer Russell

There’s been a lot of chatter in the media about reducing funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Personalities such as Ben Affleck and Newark Mayor Cory Booker participated in the SNAP Challenge, an experiment meant to educate the public on how much money SNAP participants are afforded for food every day. My amazing sister Jen also took the challenge and lived on a food stipend of only $5.13 a day for a week. I asked her to write about the experience.


Continue reading

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Leave The Magic To Disney

Kissie.KissieI met James and Anastasia Goldman more than 20 years ago. We were broke and fabulous and making our way in Philadelphia by working (where else?) in the restaurant business. James and I worked together at a restaurant in Center City called Dockstreet. He was dating (and later married) Anastasia. I was dating (and later married) my husband Michael who was parking cars at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Broad Street.

Our lives were so easy back then. No kids, no mortgages, no real jobs. We’d work until midnight, go out, maybe go dancing, and often end up eating in China Town at 3 in the morning. Philadelphia had a thriving arts scene back then (still does) and we enjoyed feeling like we were in the middle of it. And James and Anastasia were that couple that was one step ahead of everyone else in the coolness/hotness factor. They knew about fashion, music, food and always looked like something out of Interview Magazine. Continue reading

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Pour Some Syrup on Me!

French.ToastI love Mother’s Day! It’s the one day a year I completely take off and just enjoy my husband and daughter. No work, no errands, no cleaning, no cooking. Not that I mind cooking, of course, but it’s nice to have someone dote on you and cater to your every food whim. In our house, this means brunch, starring my husband Michael’s killer French toast. Continue reading

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The Quest for Great Meatballs


EricIt’s no secret that I love meatballs. Growing up in New Jersey, just about every large gathering was catered by an Italian restaurant and featured all types of pastas and proteins. Swim team banquets, first communions, funerals – you name it, there was probably a steaming chafing dish of meatballs there and me cutting in line to get them. Continue reading

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