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Back on the Beaten Path

I’m a graduate of Drexel University. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. Drexel lives in the shadow of the University of Pennsylvania, its bigger, smarter, Ivy League neighbor in West Philadelphia. It’s a rather conservative school, known for its … Continue reading

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Leave The Magic To Disney

I met James and Anastasia Goldman more than 20 years ago. We were broke and fabulous and making our way in Philadelphia by working (where else?) in the restaurant business. James and I worked together at a restaurant in Center … Continue reading

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Facing My Fears – The 2-Crust Pie

I’ll just say it – I’m a terrible dough roller. Terrible. When I first learned to cook, I had visions of lining my window sills with fresh, homemade pies. My friends would visit and we’d share a cup of tea … Continue reading

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Sweet Home Alabama

I met Amy Norton through a mutual friend on twitter. See if you can follow this: I featured my neighbor Tim Gaddis in a blog post about his amazing barbeque sauce (see: Barbeque & Extraordinary Moments). Tim tweeted the post, … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Welcome

  My mother grew up reading the Saturday Evening Post and had very romantic notions of what travel should be. She pictured every Amtrak station to be a hive of sentimental activity, like soldiers dramatically kissing their wives when coming … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Your Brother’s Mother-in-Law for Me

Kathy Fields is my brother’s mother-in-law and one of the most generous people I know. I first met her when my family moved to Georgia nine years ago. It was Thanksgiving, and she figured (rightly so) that we didn’t know … Continue reading

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Come Together… Right Now… Over Ziti

I first met Dianne and Carrie when our daughters were in first grade.  I was new to Marietta and adjusting to life in the suburbs. Mike and I made the schlepp from the northeast after our daughter was born to … Continue reading

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Theater, Atlanta Style – A Fabulous Fox, A Naked Dog and A Frosted Orange

I grew up in a theater loving family. Both of my parents love musical theater, and we lived close enough to New York for them to get into the city once or twice a year for dinner and a show. … Continue reading

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The Great Easter Dichotomy

My childhood Easters are divided into two distinct categories: very religious and incredibly secular. I was raised Catholic by a woman who loves being Catholic. Easter season meant going to school with ashes on my forehead and being signed out … Continue reading

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Keeping It Green

My mother loves holidays. She celebrates each of them with such joie de vie that, as an adult, I almost feel guilty for not turning my house inside out every month for some sort of special occasion. Every month we were … Continue reading

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