July 22 – Take Cover! A Storm’s A Brewin’!

Gigi.GHP.4My daughter is a senior this year. My beautiful, funny, big-hearted, hard working, wonderfully talented daughter is graduating high school. I can’t believe it. It’s overwhelming.

Last year, when I first started getting the senior butterflies, I was sure I was overreacting. Graduating from high school is a rite of passage just about every American experiences. You know it’s coming. In fact, you know the exact date. But  I soon found out all parents of seniors feel this way. Believe me. I’ve talked to them. Even the ones with large families who have been through it a million times are bursting with pride and love for their kids.

It’s hard not to be. It’s like this big group effort that we’ve all been a part of for 18 years is coming to an end, and it’s amazing. All of that hard work is paying off in incredible ways and it is nothing short of a miracle to watch it unfold.

But I’m not naive. There’s college applications, financial aid forms, scholarship applications, IB exams, CAS hours and about a million clubs and sports events to attend and volunteer for and in Gigi’s case, lead. I can see the monsoon in the distance. It’s  hovering right over the horizon and is aimed squarely at our home. And we are ready! We will lean into and get shit done! Bring it ON!

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