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People tell me I’m a great cook. Truth be told, my cooking skills are… evolving. What I really like to do is eat. More specifically, I love sharing a meal with family or good friends. There’s something fantastic about sitting around the table, eating and sharing stories. It’s like taking a peek into what makes a family tick.

I’m married to a great man, and we have a fabulous daughter. I work full time at a grown up job with big responsibilities. Cooking is a welcome reprieve from my busy life that brings the three of us together and allows us moments of closeness that define us as a family.

This blog is a means of honoring those recipes and traditions that are dear to my family, friends, their families and our community. These dishes are the thread that connects us to one another and from one generation to the next. And they’re delicious! I hope you are as inspired by them as I am. Enjoy!

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