July 24 – SALE!!!

I had to run some errands today, which included returning some stuff at Macy’s. While I was there, I found a great dress I can wear to graduation, and it was on super sale!!! Check that off the list. I work full time, which makes the school year fly by. If I don’t act early, I end up scrambling last minute, and I really want to enjoy Gigi’s last year. So, I bought the dress.  There are two graduation ceremonies for IB students. The IB Medal Ceremony, and then the school-wide graduation. I am prepared for one. Yes!

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July 23 – An Evening with Some Senior IB Mammas


After running around a maze of dazed parents and their kids at the senior portrait studio, I spent the evening with three other IB moms, all amazing, who have already been through the college process. I try to do this when my family is about to experience a big change. I meet with moms whom I admire or who have been through a similar situation, and I pick their brains.  Continue reading

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July 23 – Senior Portraits


First official senior task today – senior portraits! Gigi and I signed up for these before Governor’s Honors Program. The two of us, shoulder to shoulder on the couch, trying to figure out perhaps the clunkiest, most unintuitive website ever created. Continue reading

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July 22 – Take Cover! A Storm’s A Brewin’!

Gigi.GHP.4My daughter is a senior this year. My beautiful, funny, big-hearted, hard working, wonderfully talented daughter is graduating high school. I can’t believe it. It’s overwhelming. Continue reading

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Council of Elders – Part 2: Al Roker’s Kebobs Done Right a.k.a.,The Busy Mom Dinner

IB.MammasI think all Cobb County moms will agree when I say, “May is INSANE!” The frenzy of that last month of school makes little beads of sweat form on my lip just thinking about it, even more than a month later. Between AP exams, school activities wrapping up and junior year planning, I was at the school several days a week and participating in events on the weekends. It was like the regular school year, but on steroids. And it’s the reason I got myself into a cooking pickle.

Have you ever done this? I invited a few moms to my home for dinner to celebrate the end of school. I was thrilled I found a date that worked for four of us, and I set out making grand plans for the yummy meal I was going to prepare. Then the volunteer commitments started firming up, and two landed on the same day as the dinner. Triple booked! What’s a girl to do? Continue reading

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Back on the Beaten Path

Me.DeniseI’m a graduate of Drexel University. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. Drexel lives in the shadow of the University of Pennsylvania, its bigger, smarter, Ivy League neighbor in West Philadelphia. It’s a rather conservative school, known for its engineering program, and was absolutely the wrong school choice for me. But, I was offered a spot on the swim team, so I packed up and headed there in the fall of 1986.

From the get go, college was hard for me. Classes were hard, finding people with similar interests was hard. Luckily, I found a kindred spirit. I’m not sure when I met Denise. Maybe sophomore, year? I don’t recall the circumstances, but we ended up roommates in an off-campus apartment somewhere around junior year. Continue reading

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Missing Miss Caroline At Halloween

Before moving to Georgia, my husband and I lived in Northern Virginia for five years. Living in New York was exciting, but I quickly discovered my age and height weren’t exactly desirable traits to casting agents. Moving was inevitable. But where to go? Michael had spent many summers as a kid in Fairfax County, Virginia so we thought we’d give that a shot. Safe neighborhoods, access to DC… what could go wrong? We settled into an apartment in Old Town Alexandria, thinking we’d be there just a few months before buying a home.

Little did we know that the great NVA housing boom of the late 90s was about to hit its stride. Teeny, tiny townhouses built in the 70s (that cost more than the colonial we live in now), houses we didn’t even really want, were suddenly out of our reach. We spent endless weekends getting our hopes crushed, being outbid on homes that were run down and required long commutes. Our time living in the apartment grew longer and longer. Continue reading

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Check Out My Reviews at Disney Food Blog!

Me & Daisy

Me & Daisy!

Hey y’all! I haven’t posted in a bit because I’ve been writing reviews of our dining experiences at Walt Disney World. Check them out!

Be Our Guest


Whispering Canyon Cafe


Tony’s Town Square Restaurant


‘Ohana Character Breakfast




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Tales of a Working Mother Part 1: Sunday Dinner with Ashley Dale

Ashley.Chickie.ParmAshley Dale and I worked together a job or two ago. We met at my interview. I believe the circumstances were she had been promoted, and I was interviewing for her old job. I liked her immediately. Women who make it in the construction industry have a certain toughness and no bullshit-ness about them that resonates with me. Ashley has it, and is also funny and smart. She’s the whole package. Continue reading

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A Christmas Memory of Our Own

CookiesAs a young adult, before I married and had a child, before I moved to the South, I read Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory. If you haven’t had a chance to read this short story, may I suggest you check it out this year. http://capoteweb.com/a-christmas-memory/. Continue reading

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